jueves, 29 de octubre de 2009

It's so hard to say what I feel right now Love, hate, despair, sadness, too much, some come, some go, but others simply stay where they are. Sadness that I have left at the bottom I hate my favorite word but difficult to allocate. Despair not meet again. Love a short word with a feeling too strong. With completion of all if all flooded from feelings of emotions flooded across all inundated with your love of your sadness of my despair of my hatred. But there is still hope my heart tells me, there is still yells at me salvation my thoughts, maybe there is. Just when I thought I was in the depths of my you showed you, with a grand illusion with a great look that looks so nice that you hated with this great idea God even remind you that great look, yet I will always remember you.

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